Our Work

Here are some notable case studies detailing corporate client's goals when they came to us, the scope of work we handled, and the results. 


Daniel Sabzehzar for Merced City Council

Daniel came to us with a story that was too disruptive to pass up. He was a small business owner, served on the advisory boards of several organizations, and was passionately committed to finding solutions to the Merced, California community's most pressing problems. This was all before his 21st birthday. Together we created a series of videos that would prove to be the highlights of his bold campaign to run for City Council. Deployed solely on Facebook, these videos organically garnered hundreds of shares and tens of thousands of views. The largest attracted over 20,000 views in the first 24 hours and currently has over 80,000 views. Daniel was subsequently contacted by major national news sources as well.

What was the secret to these videos' success?

Before preproduction even started we determined the voters we were targeting and the messaging that would resonate deeply with them. This required extensive research, interviews, and meetings with locals to begin to empathize with their needs and desires. From there we decided on a format that integrated well with his already established brand. It definitely payed off.


Fresno Brand Lab

The Fresno Brand Lab is a solution for small businesses who need custom, high-quality design, websites, and SEO at a fraction of the cost of other design agencies. It was created by Butler Branding as an initiative to give back to the small businesses that brought them the success they've had in recent years. This was Butler Branding's first attempt at a subsidiary positioned to attract the small-medium size business owners that would make up its clientele.

Before the script was written, we determined exactly what these business owners would find valuable and the best way to reach them. It was clear that Butler would have to compete with a few low-cost design shops in the Fresno area, but they also emphasized higher-quality work and quick turnaround times, a triple-threat that their high-volume, turn-key competitors couldn't match. Small-medium sized business owners definitely saw the value in what the Fresno brand Lab offered. We successfully announced the official launch of the Fresno Brand Lab on Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, we cut a 1 minute version for Butler Branding's Instagram.

It was by far the highest performing content Butler Branding has ever released.


Olympus Athletics

Training out of the SWAG Complex, Olympus Athletics is home the Central Valley's most knowledgeable training staff. It's not uncommon for Olympus clients to see dramatic improvements in athletic performance, fat loss, and muscle gain within their first few months of training. They are lead by head trainer Josh Amaral, who has an incredible vision for what Olympus can become. The first step, however, was building a loyal following.

The goal was to build an infrastructure of content for a steadily increasing audience to stay engaged and new prospects to have room to explore. We started with a comprehensive marketing campaign that dictated the aesthetic of the videos we would produce. From there, we implemented a dynamic social media marketing strategy, creating their first educational video series for YouTube, two teaser videos to build buzz leading up to their official launch, and event announcements to attract participants.

We continue to work with Olympus Athletics on an as-needed basis, producing a wide range of content for their now rapidly growing audience to enjoy.